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Masvingo couple recorded on camera while being intimate near Railway Station

Two lovers, who appear like college or university students are the latest victims of the prowling secret photographer who is making life difficult for couples making love in bushes around Masvingo city.

This is probably the youngest couple that the secret photographer…

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Harare man beats up wife, accuses her of dating Prophet Angel

A Harare man bashed his wife after accusing her of dating flamboyant prophet Uebert Angel Mudzanire who is the founder of Spirit Embassy.

Humphrey Lawrence (41) who resides at House No. 20 Winder Avenue in St Martins, thrashed his wife Perseverance Ndlovu (33)…

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President Mugabe speaks on next Zimbabwe's president

President Robert Mugabe may not contest the next election, saying he might appoint a successor just before the 2018 presidential election.

Mugabe told Ghanaian-born British film-maker Roy Agyemang in a BBC documentary aired over the weekend dubbed "Robert Mugabe @ 90", that the…

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Masvingo Grandmother kills hubby over sex

A grandmother here hacked her husband to death with an axe last week after he accused her of starving him of his conjugal rights.

Rosemary Chivhanganye, 52, appeared before Gutu magistrate Nyasha Vhitorini facing murder charges.

Chivhanganye is accused of fatally axing her husband…

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